Tough fortnight

We’ve got the Warriors in their backyard who just came off an embarrassing loss and will be out to turn it around in front of their home fans.

Then we’ve got the Cowboys who will be desperate for 2 points after their abysmal start to the season.
Two quality sides with plenty to play for, we also have plenty to play for after our 2 straight loses.
Should be an interesting fortnight.

We’ve been doing well playing against desperate teams.

Sorry Geo for taking your line haha.

The Warriors game is going to be very tough, not going to be easy at all. They got players coming back from injury which isn’t going to help for us. The Cowboys are beatable, which i’m not worried about, as long as we got a good team on. We need Packer back ASAP

Incoming Geo with his desperate joke lol

We’ve got Cowboys at home (Leichhardt Oval), something much tougher for Cowboys than for us. I can’t see any excuses for Wests Tigers if we lose that one.


Incoming Geo with his desperate joke lol

The Year of Living Desperately…

We just can’t get a break… 😢 😒

Packer looks ok here


By Matt Logue

Wests Tigers prop Russell Packer is on track to return from a knee injury against North Queensland at Leichhardt Oval next Thursday.

Packer was running freely while completing a series of drills at Concord Oval on Thursday morning.

The Kiwi-born big man has been sorely missed by the Tigers in the past three weeks.

From the telegraph

We have missed Packer so much. Appears to be the driver of our bus.

2 of our 3 loses coincide with Packer missing.

Warriors game worries me given no Packer and Liddle.

Firstly, I can’t understand how we played so bad against Parra in the first half but then do nothing different in the second half.

I think these next two matches will be critical to our entire season. Lose them and we’ll be 5/5 a big change from 5/1 … four straight losses.

If we win both I am sure we are finals bound, lose both and we are out of the eight - groundhog day.

Is this a reference to the game Fortnite? 😆 😆


Is this a reference to the game Fortnite? 😆 😆

I’ll admit, I clicked based on the game.

Long live tilted towers!!

Just heard Cowboys go straight into camp and maybe remaining in Sydney so did0really want to hear that their aiming that big for us.

but aren’t we desperate as well?

Can’t see us beating the Cowboys either unfortunately.
They’ve got their mojo back and we’ve lost ours.

Depression has set in after warriors loss. We need to win on Thursday to stop the rot and turn things around and at the moment not feeling it either. Hope things turn before game we may need some new faces. This is the sort of game which either keeps us above pack or brings us down.
We need a break perhaps a key out for them bounce of the ball.
Damn moving that game to Armidale,

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