The full extent of Canturbury’s Salary cap hell

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Could not give 2 hooots…


Can’t access unless you are a subscriber.

Apparently they have a non rep player on 650k. They are rumoured to be paying 550k of Graham’s contract too.

Eastwood on 800k alone tops any ridiculous decision we ever made with our cap.

GREG Eastwood, a former Kiwi international, was picked to run out onto Belmore Oval on Saturday in reserve grade.

Reportedly earning close to $800,000 this season, he would’ve run out onto Belmore Road, if he was asked too.

Last year, Eastwood was on a contract worth close to $250,000.

The theme is a frighteningly common one at Canterbury.

Another player — a current first-grader, who isn’t a representative player — is earning $650,000 this season. Broken down, he earns $12,500 a week. Yet just last year he was on $250,000.

This insight into the crisis at Canterbury shouldn’t be confused for players being greedy — far from it.

Somehow — under a flawed contract system which now leaves the Canterbury salary cap and recruitment team crippled — the majority of the current roster is earning more than what they did the year before. Back-ended contracts, the game calls them.

Greg Eastwood is on $800,000 a season and can’t make first grade.
Let’s remember that last year, the Bulldogs finished 11th.

Yet this player’s salary was three times less that what he’s now being paid.

Effectively, it’s an exorbitant pay rise, just for turning up in 2018.

Sadly, for diehard ‘Berries’ fans, this isn’t the worst example, which illustrates how shambolic the club’s current salary cap is.

The bundle of back-ended contracts which sits in Canterbury CEO Andrew Hill’s top drawer could cripple the family club for the next three years.

That’s not scaremongering. It’s the truth.

Within Belmore there are genuine fears that if the Dogs can’t wrangle themselves from this contract mess, they could become the next Manly — a shambles.

Off the field, the Bulldogs are okay. They boast a rich Leagues Club and huge corporate support, including an international brand in Kia, fronting their jersey.

There’s also great hope in the club’s young talent — highlighted by their under-20s SG Ball side playing Penrith in Saturday’s grand final.

There are real fears Canterbury could be looking at several seasons of futility.
Given the club’s predicament, they will never get a better pathway to NRL.

But fans hate waiting for premierships.

And on the field, particularly this season, is where the pain isn’t going to go away.

There’ll be more heartache — and more losses like Thursday night against Brisbane — to come.

Hamstrung by the decisions made by the previous administration, Bulldogs coach Dean Pay is signed until the end of 2019.

The Canterbury board may as well extend his contract until 2021 — because that’s how long the clean-up could take.

Highly-paid stars including Will Hopoate, Moses Mbye, David Klemmer, Kieran Foran, Josh Jackson and Aaron Woods aren’t off-contract until between 2020 and 2021.

Can the season get any better Bulldogs Sea Eagles in the poo Rorters struggling to a degree Win Lose or Draw its been good season so far can it get any better???

What a shame who’d want to jump on board that rat infested ship……


What a shame who’d want to jump on board that rat infested ship……

Only Woods

Tigers finally getting somewhere so the bloke with the brains thought it best to jump ship and go to a club where he can get another 4yrs of crap thrown his way

Make Sharon captain.

Dean Pay gotta pay

Canterbury coach Dean Pay has been hit with a massive $25,000 fine for his post-match criticism of the NRL referees last week……

Amazing how the NRL let them sign both woods and foran. Imagine if they had gotten tedesco also. They would be in all sorts.

Can’t stand the Dogs.

But they were rorted BIG TIME - can’t say they were though - especially if you were playing the Rorters.

… And woodsy, changing clubs after a backended contract situation is repaired, to another one in the same boat! Either his agent has a lot to answer for, or woods never realised why the Tigers struggled in recent years.

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