Main strip

Looks like another week in the wilderness for this strip as it’s indigenous round……
We may aswell have 25 seperate jerseys to wear for each round I reckon.

So far we’ve only worn it in Round 1 right?

What about our shorts and socks?
Are they always the same or do they vary too?
I need to pay much closer attention


So far we’ve only worn it in Round 1 right?

Correct……Even the warriors would have worn their main strip more

Hey, if my calculations are right, that’s a 100% win rate in our main strip! Hmmm might be into something. More research needed.

I’m not a massive fan of it any way so it doesn’t really bother me.

The whole start to the year with giving away home games and everything else like this has been poor.

Im quick to defend the way the club has been run in the last 12 months but i think theyve let the fans down this year.

Couldn’t give a bugger what they wear, they can play in loin cloths for all I care as long as they bloody win!

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