Reports are the twins are on the way out due to salary cap pressures rumours says their on $750k are they past their use by date or could we get 2 good years out of them on a much reduced rate they want to play on.

Nope. Lets the Dogs drown.

Even if the dogs payed all their salary it would be a no.

The can keep going all the way to the ESL….

Is that Jush Morrus or Brutt Morrus?

No way …
I’d take Mbye though !

I didnt want them this year and i sure as hell dont want them next year.We need to strenthen the forwards before anything else and 1 decent young centre

No thanks, ain’t it great though to see the Dogs in such strife with salary cap problems!!

The reason the dogs are in so much trouble with their cap is paying $750 000 for players like the Morris twins.

Are they actually still under contract for next year or is it just that the dogs have no room to re-sign them?

I mean if they already have a contract they don’t have to go anywhere. Just do as Greg Eastwood is doing and play in the ISP.

I hope they don’t have contracts for next year though as it means the dogs still have their cap problems but with 2 less experienced yet getting older players and no money to replace them.

I’d take them at 550 e pair. Spit the money any way you like. each. No more. Or 220 for the wing morris and 280 for the centre morris.

This topic should be put in the one foot in the grave topic.

I’ve liked both for a long time, but I see no sense in securing the services of two ageing, injury prone players.

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