Cowboys Team...





sounds like a Tavern or Inn.

Dunno what’s funnier…
The statement or the fact it actually does.

I can imagine me and my mates going for a drink at the old lady. 😆

& watching the tigers get up on the big screen lol

Nar i’ll go to Liechhardt for that.


Lot of quality in the 17, hard to see us really getting close, but I guess games are not won on paper and anything can happen on the day

I disagree Supercoach. I actually feel better about our chances in this game than in the previous three. Yes, the Cowboys have a solid team, especially in the forwards, but I don’t see them blowing us off the park at all. If we can find our tough defensive mojo again and if Packer gets the rest of the pack to follow him over the advantage line, I think we can win. However, our success depends on two things; 1. The forwards doing their job 2. Benji and Brooks playing a measured, controlled game with effective kicking.

If Bolton has mental issues over his police charge, he’ll be a lot worse when the crowd have finished with him on Thursday. For his sake, I hope he doesn’t play.

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