3 2 1

3 - Fonua
2 - Brooks (tough not to give him 3)
1 - Marsters/Liddle

Great performance overall. Thompson looking good. Benji looks dangerous every time he runs, but does too much kicking.

3 Brooks
2 Fonua
1 Packer

3. Fonua
2. Brooks
1. Marsters

3 Fonua
2 Brooks
1 Marsters

3/2 Brooks/Fonua could not split them they were both fantastic
1 Lawrence in the 1st half Marsters in the 2nd

3. Brooks
2. Fonua
1. Marsters

Honourable Mentions…Matulino, Packer, Twal., Lawrence, Eisenhuth, Thompson, Nofoaluma, Liddle, Watene-Zelezniak, Taylor, Rochow, Marshall, Chee-Kam, Sue…

Naughty Cnr… Sutton wouldn’t know a forward pass from his elbow…Thurso n the Sydney Curse…

3. Fonua
2. Brooks
1. Sue

3. Fonua
2. Marsters
1. Packer

Fonua and Brooks both had wonderful games.

3. Fonua,
2. Brooks
1. Marsters.

Liddle was great. His passing has really come along. Off the ground, straight into the bread basket. He also probed really well.

Anyone who doesn’t have Fonua 3 points, didn’t watch the game.

2. Brooks
1. Thompson/Matulino.

Liddle makes a difference up the middle when he comes on. Very noticeable tonight.

Really hard to pick this week, no bad performers
3. fanua
2. marsters
1. Brooks

Really hard to split Mahe, Brooks and Lawrence. Lawrence is simply superb. Matulino would have been there too if he played bigger minutes.

3 Fonua
2 Brooks
1 Mats (ran hard, think he was happy having Packer back)

Fonau - 3 (the beast is in town)
Mautilino - 2 best game for us so far
Packer - 1 Had us on the front foot after every run.

3. Fonua
2. Brooks
1. Matulino

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