Fonua in the centres

Does he retain his spot at centre, even when Naiqama is fit? Or does he go back to the wing.

I think he should be kept at centre.

Much, much better at centre

he killed it tonight. i wouldn’t move him

He has to be in the team. You can’t drop him just after getting MOTM.

Kev and MCK have to battle it out.

What a beast of a game, lock him in for next week

Would be crazy to leave the beast out

That’s a good question , better centre or winger

Hard to tell , the Cows didn’t throw much attack at that side in the red zone

Deserves another chance

Much better suited in the centres. Doesn’t have to worry about the high ball.

Much better at centre for mine - he makes too many errors at wing and MWZ is a safer winger - combined they really look the goods but Kevvie has been playing well too. Just glad I’m not in Ivan’s position

Why change a winning team…?

Keep him at centre obviously.

Has to stay in the centres. We have lost 2 centres and now we have 2 who can break defences and offload.

Keep the team as is. What a difference having Packer back too made

I love this position for him… he does not have to catch high balls as much and he can rome around the ball in attack in our half… He was outstanding tonight and shit all over Kev.

I could be wrong but I thought he played the latter part of his time at the Storm in the centres.

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