The grub is gone! (sort of)

Germ Cammy retires immediately from rep footy. Good riddence, just a shame he couldn’t have stuck it out for 1 more series to give someone the chance to iron him out with a swinging arm.

What’s his problem?
Got suspended now having a sook?

Qld legend but the guy is an absolute dog.

The parasite knew they’d get pumped this year !

What a coward waiting until the last minute. Soft.

When you watched him and Slater play recently you could see he had really stepped his game up

I wondered who he was going to maintain that during SOO at his age

You get the feeling he is trying to keep the SOO record intact

As much as I even dislike looking at the knob (and I still think him and his mate bellyache have changed the face of the game for the worse), kudos to him for being a talent and all the hard work he has put in in the middle, at all levels.

But the timing is a little odd?

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