Is moving off the mark a rule anymore?

I’m confused, You get tackled and where your face or arse hits the grass that is the mark. Get up play the ball on that mark. Tonight the refs gifted south a win. Granville was last in on that tackle. Burgess boy was stopped on that mark Yet he rolls to his left and gets up and plays the ball putting Granville offside or not square in the refs eyes at the time. He is but only because burgess didn’t play the ball on the mark .I constantly hear the refs and both of them call held when a player is still standing the player gets thrown to the ground and rolled on his back and yet after them both yelling nothing comes of it. We want to watch football not refs. Getting boring. V8 super cars are more exciting.

Didn’t see the game but what you’ve described is a carbon copy of how we were rorted against the broncos

Has the record for sin bins and send offs been broken in this Round even though there are still three matches to be played?


Has the record for sin bins and send offs been broken in this Round even though there are still three matches to be played?

Beaten the whole of last year half way thru Rd 11

I agree that the play the ball is rarely played on the mark and never policed. But Granville took s couple of steps before the ball was played. He was even called out but still went on.

The Granville one was a penalty every day of the week. He made no attempt to get square and was focused on rushing the kick. He then decides not to listen to them calling him offside 3 or 4 times.

Mile offside… All day ref

Anyone noticed how the Broncos got a really dud penalty penalty near the posts in the last few seconds of our game. Which put them over the line.

A couple of games later there was almost an identical penalty in the dying seconds when the Broncos needed points to win. and Surprise…. Surprise… , along came a much needed penalty, and a win for the Broncs.

Then we come to last nights debacle. The Broncos in deep trouble again in the dying minutes , only this time , along came … not only a penalty, but an opposition player was also sinbinned , both for something that was not a breach of anything…, except in an overzealous mind of an Nrl Ref.
Is there a pattern developing there, do you think?

I dont usually get into Ref Bashing, but the Refs last night were extremely Dicey, along with the other games mentioned.
but they turned the Game into a joke tonight, when world war three broke out on the field and the Refs made the NRL look absolutely stupid.

The confusion about who was going off and why, and when does one come back on, and when does the other come back as well, and do they have to pass go , and collect $200.
Is this a conspiracy , ARE THE REF’S REVOLTING?,
Is this the start of The Refs taking over the game?
I cant answer that extremely well thought out question.
But Id really like to know, that first the Broncos, (three times in a few games )and later, The Storm , were helped along with penalties for non existing infringements . WHY!!!
Let the conspiracies theorists begin.

It looked perfectly fine to me. He got back at marker in time then ran off the mark. Bit of a BS call, feel so sorry for the Cowboys and Jake Granville. Better team the whole game then get a BS penalty right in front of the posts in the dying minutes to lose the game.



Mile offside… All day ref

I didnt see any of the proper angles of this. The forward pass 30 seconds before was pretty obvious though.
The NRL lottery.

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