Isn't it time for Govt to re evaluate the Fostering system ....

I’m sorry , but this ranks up there with some of the most disgusting stuff I have ever heard of

And what’s better we will have to pay to have him under strict supervision and his own cell

People like this I’d quite happily pay a prison guard a couple of K to turn his back for 2 minutes

Absolutely disgraceful, words fail me.I am against the death penalty but stories like this make me think exceptions would not be a bad thing(murder of children mainly)

Deserves a lot more than what he got.

I know I as a parent I would do anything to protect my children but, I wouldn’t do that. Sad all around.

That’s just scum of the earth material right there. I hope he’s going to have a jolly time in prison if you know what I mean.

Unbelievable. What thoughts pass through his mind. He must have fully justified his actions to himself. A true monster. No prison sentence is adequate.
Wife and son should keep him company.

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