Russell Packer

He’s been phenomenal as a leader and the way he’s contributed in revamping the club culture is one of the reasons why we’re sitting in the 8 right now with a bright future ahead.

Defensively he’s been stout and the way he scrambled on our last defensive sets vs. the Dogs today was admirable.

I am however a bit disappointed with how he’s been going in attack. I think he’s getting too few carries given how damaging a runner he can be. I understand Cleary’s approach is outside back intensive to keep the forwards fresh for defence but I really think we could stand to benefit from Packer getting some of the carries that Taylor and Eisenhuth have been getting, if not some of the backs runs too.

Last game foxsports is saying 6 runs for 48m, with all our other props getting over 10 carries.

Anyone else noticed it or is it just me? I’m confident as the season wears on things should fix a bit, but I think it should be a focus to get him the ball in his hand given he rarely makes errors, has an offload and is a handful to tackle.

He will come good again, after his knee injury.

He’s the king of decoy runs.

One point towards the end, he ran a decoy and didn’t even bother to get onside for the next play.

Not really setting the world on fire.

It was an od performance… maybe suffering from the flu… that’s all I could put it down to. And possibly his previous injury

I noticed at the game today he seemed to stop at the line…he needs to lift

Made some crucial tackles today especially late in the 2nd half…

We are better with Packer in the team that’s for sure…

Have noticed the same. His defence is great but he doesn’t appear to get the ball as much he should in attack. Might just be easing his way back into the squad after the injury.

Yep stats in attack low under 50 meters i belive

He’s never been a massive meter muncher, not his style.

We signed him knowing he was averaging < 10 runs per game for the Dragons. He’s there for his defense, his leadership and the quality of his hit ups, not for running up big numbers.

Packer also has the fastest PTB in our team …yes there is a stat for that… 😮

Anyone questioning packer has no idea. Been the back bone of our forward pack and just back from a knee injury.


Made some crucial tackles today especially late in the 2nd half…

We are better with Packer in the team that’s for sure…

He was everywhere in his 2nd stint Geo

Always a low meter eater especially in pur style of play. I think its lower then normal due to his knee injury and Fonua means our forwards are getting very few early set runs at all often not even off the kick off

If you want metres, get Woods back! Packer played well yesterday and his effort in defence was outstanding. He brings the attitude to the team we have lacked previously.

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