Roosters Team..




Phew Aubusson’s OUT…thank god…

I doubt it. Manu listed twice.

Damn it

Damn , you thought we had him didn’t you :crazy

I think there’s a chance that Radley will start in the backrow with Matterson to centres and Manu to wing


Matterson is out.

My sc team 👿


Matterson is out.

Apparently fake news, I guess we will see


Matterson is out.

Gee I hope you are right, that will help our cause

We should roll over the top of that bench. If we can contain JWH until he has a spell and put a bit of pressure on Cronk we should go alright.
The forwards need to step up and own this game.

This year fergo has been huge for them getting their sets off to a good start, so it will be interesting how they go getting out of their own end with Fergo named at fullback.

1. Blake Ferguson
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Joseph Manu
4. Mitchell Aubusson
5. Matthew Ikuvalu
6. Luke Keary
7. Cooper Cronk
8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
9. Jake Friend (capt.)
10. Sio Siua Taukeiaho
11. Victor Radley
17. Nat Butcher
13. Isaac Liu

14. Zane Tetevano
15. Frank-Paul Nuusuala
16. Kurt Baptiste
19. Lindsay Collins

18. Poasa Faamausili
21. Paul Momirovski

Coach: Trent Robinson

Matterson out

I hope Fonua and Lindsay Collins come together at some point - it’ll be a mullet party.

Matterson out is good for the Tigers not so good for my fantasy and supercoach teams…
Radley is a quality young player.

Radley is very very good… but not good enough with the rest of the pack

I’d say we will go to the young winger quite a bit

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