Time Wasting should be a Professional Foul

It’s strange how small things can make a difference to a result. When Roosters were awarded the penalty which resulted in the match winning 2 points the match clock was showing 9 minutes and 11 seconds to go. The Roosters kicker then meandered around and had a drink before picking up the ball to place on the tee. By this time the clock had wound to around 8 minutes and 25 seconds to go. Still by this time, with the clock continuing to wind down, the kicker still wasn’t ready and after placing the ball on the tee he decided to take the ball off the teen before replacing it back on the tee.

Finally, by the time he was ready to kick the the clock had ticked down to around 7 minutes and 45 seconds. Over a minute was wasted whilst the kick was being taken. This equates to a full set of six tackles, something the Tigers could have desperately used whilst on serious attack in the final minutes of the match.

With professional fouls being so heavily punished these days why aren’t the referees being much more stringent on this area of time wasting?

James Maloney is a master at it

I’ve always had an issue with it.

If the ball is not in play, as in conversion, penalty kick, goes out in touch, after a try, drop-out etc. The clock should stop.

We don’t have injury time, therefore it’s wasted game time.

I’d have to go back and look, but it was either Parra or Newcastle that scored against us with 4 minutes or so on the clock. By the time we kicked off again, there was 30 seconds to go…stupid

the waiting around for a penalty kick at goal is appalling.
ch 9 have the chance to play two ads after the penalty is awarded .when the return to live tv,the bloke kicking is still not ready.
is this a deal ch 9 have initiated?

I find it strange with this one that sometimes they call time off and some times they don’t. There is a set amount of time they are suppose to have to take and kick and teams can be fined for taking too long but a fine isn’t going to mean much when a game is on the line.

In the Bulldogs game we used a penalty kick to try and run the clock down.

There’s an argument that all non-active play should be time off, e.g. after a knock on, ball over sideline, penalty called. The main reason I can think of for not doing it is the unknown effect on length of matches.

Fox probably don’t care, but Ch 9 don’t want games running 10 mins long on Sundays because of stoppages.

But you are right it is little things. Like Cronk taking the penalty with 5 seconds to go in the first half: he’s given the mark, he prods the mark with his boot, he steps back a few… then runs about 5 metres over the mark to kick.

I was under the impression that goal were allotted 90 seconds. Am I incorrect?

It certainly is not enforced if it is.


I was under the impression that goal were allotted 90 seconds. Am I incorrect?

It certainly is not enforced if it is.

According to billy Harrigan on MMM they have 1 min 20 sec before time off is blown

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