What a showing from the “beast”

He’s like a hot chick who’s dumb as bricks (Nice to look at but no substance and depth). He’s great to watch and he’ll do all the flashy stuff but, he can’t do any of the 1% plays that win you games. Doesn’t Really sound like a “beast” to me.

Chee on the other hand makes his tackles, gets through a mountain of work and is always doing his best for the TEAM. He’s my “BEAST.”

Nah but for real tho, I don’t really give a crap. Just thought I might try and rub it in a lil for everyone that acts like Fonua is a superstar. Cos, he ain’t.

Chee-Kam gives away crucial penalties constantly

Fonua has been the one high light for me this season ,makes mistakes but fights for every inch better than 30% of the team IMO ….at least one player that can generate some excitement because the others are non events!

This crap has got to stop…seriously

You remind me of a 2 year old who cant get their way.

Ridiculous thread - closed.

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