Nofoaluma's vile taunts from Roosters fans

David Nofoaluma’s response to vile taunts from Sydney Roosters fans
By Chris De Silva
2 hours ago

Wests Tigers winger David Nofoaluma has responded to the shocking taunts he experienced during his side’s clash with the Sydney Roosters on Sunday. Nofoaluma was unable to complete the game following a suspected calf injury in the first half, and was brutally sledged when leaving the field in the hands of the trainers.

“Disgraced when coming off injured to hear a roosters fan in the crowd say “Nofoaluma you c#nt. Your a f##king peice of sh#t”. Hope your satisfied!!,” Nofoaluma tweeted.

The 24-year-old received some support from ARL commission chairman Peter Beattie who stated the NRL’s stance on crowd behaviour. “The NRL will not tolerate racism of any kind under any circumstances. End of story,” Beattie tweeted.

Fan abuse has been rife in the NRL after the league banned two Penrith fans for racially abusing Greg Inglis during the Souths clash with the Panthers earlier in the season.

Umm that is not acceptable but how is that racism?

Don’t worry Noffa, you will silence the prick when we beat them in the finals.

Would one expect anything different from “Rorters” fans?

Think they are just as bad as Dogs and Souffs scumbags.

Bad luck we didn’t beat them again - maybe in the semis.

I really hope we make the finals and knock them out.

Why’s Beattie talking about racism or was that a quote from another time.


Why’s Beattie talking about racism or was that a quote from another time.

It seems like everything is racist these days. People like getting offended.

Nofa would of been frustrated after working his way back into the team and now could be sidelined for 3-6 weeks and may not walk straight back into the team.

Good story. Unidentified person does not use racist language, Chairman retorts against racism.

No offence Nofo but just pretend you can’t hear idiots like that. They are trolling you for a reaction, and bingo you’ve given what they want.

It sounds like Beattie has responded without knowing the full details,regardless it is disgusting behaviour from a member in the crowd towards an injured player,totally unacceptable.

That’s a nothing story


Could be worse

Its not something i would personally say to anyone.
But when you play sport and at such a high level your gonna get sledged!!!
By other players, Fans even your own fans sometimes.
Its not a pretty part of the game but it is a part of game, So …… grow some thicker skin Dave and when we meet the roosters again think about that little pest in the crowd who follows the roosters and give him a reason to be upset.

they could be using non-racial abuse coz they will really get into trouble for racist abuse. So could be defacto racism.

Sorry nofo, Teddy bear copped it relentlessly from us, you just can’t respond.

Different if it was racist.

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