After watching Tedesco play for Nsw last night, it got me thinking… (feel free to disagree)

Tedesco was never a Tiger.
Sure he played here but he was never going to be club stalwart like Cam Smith is for Melbourne.

Who are some others?

Obvious ones are Blair and Anasta.
Who else will you never consider a genuine tiger?

Hayes Lauder and Trent Runciman…

Mitch Mo
Tim Simona
Those 3 should have their names scratched off the WT player list on the wall at Concord IMO.
A total and utter embarrassment to our clubs’ history they are.


Hayes Lauder and Trent Runciman…

One of your best…

Terry Hill. I never really thought he was a part of us.
He dinnit do anything particularly bad here, he probably got a bit too much money as a center and he did not do anything particularly good. I don’t hold much of a Grudge.

But always thought he wasn’t a tiger. I never really felt like he was really here.

Oh, that new recruit. Curtis Rona, haven’t seen him anywhere, heard nothing about his signing and he is the most MIA person to jump on the bus. Maybe he caught the wrong bloody bus, been there before.

Quite a lot of other players through our club have had a strong club identification. I think that’s a strong point with us.

Sharon’s a tiger and a trophy hunter

As much as he did for us- Scotty Prince.


As much as he did for us- Scotty Prince.



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