Are we taking full advantage of the HIA like other clubs. There is definitely clubs using the HIA inappropriately, with use always around the 20 min. mark. Also we had a situation recently where Rooster’s Matterson in Round 11 left the field for the HIA. Round 12 he was still out for HIA but expected return in R13. In Round 13 he was a late scratching because of concussion. This round 14 we are told he is still suffering effects from concussion, and is in fact having an operation on his wrist/hand. When was he able to hurt his hand if he was not playing or training because of concussion, unless it was some long term injury?

Matterson is a strange one, a ball got kicked into his head. He has also had keyhole surgery on his wrist this week.

hahaha rapana kicks a 40/20… never seen him kick a ball

There not going to not play him and say concussion when it’s a hand injury they get no advantage from that.

In general I don’t think we should do anything differently we are losing players almost every game for a test imagine if we were playing the system as well.

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