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Hi all,

Is there anything we can do about the search function refusing to look up “common” words? I find it hard to search nowadays because my search terms are, by default, fairly common, esp after 10 years of Tigers-related threads.

E.g. if I wanted to look up the latest few threads about Chris Lawrence, rather than start a new one, I can’t look up “Lawrence” because the term is too common. Of course it is, the dude’s been around for 10 years.

If no option, fair enough, just wanted to check. Thanks

I find it hard enough just trying to find a recent thread, if it is beyond recent thread than not easy to locate.

I type in Geo or Hobbo and it asks me why would I want to talk to those plodders for ??

Never had the search work for me

Though I’m a technotard, Google seems to understand me, but have never had any luck searching on here.

The trouble is that each of these words needs to be indexed and it grows expadentially…
The database table for the index was sitting at 5GB, part of the reason why we had server issues. Pruning old posts and topics would decrease the index size.

Unless the server is boosted, we have to decide between keeping the full history of posts and topics or making searching easier.

Fair enough. I’d vote to cull old stuff or take it offline at least. Nostalgia is great but how many people really look back to 2015 when posting?

Delete every year we miss the 8 should clear up most of it

Can we also have the phrase “salary sombrero” filtered out while we’re at it please? It can be replaced with “I need to get some new jokes”.

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