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    Raiders have put on us in the last 3 meetings, something like 150 points and we’ve only scored 20 odd in total. Here’s hoping the Raiders forget to catch the bus up the highway, or the wrong team turns up … it’s either Raiders or Faiders depends on the day … I will do my best down here to sabotage the bus before she’s leaves … !!

    Coincidentally 2 of those last 3 floggings from Canberra were early in the year and at GIO stadium.
    In both instances 2016/2017 they were humbled by the Sharks the game before both times 16-40 and 16-42.
    The sharks have already played them a couple of rounds ago and only won by a margin of 8. So I don’t know if that will give Canberra more confidence this year knowing they are closer to teams in results but they certainly won’t be out to reclaim the faith of the locals by Smashing the next team they play at home as they are not at home this time. The last game we played them was a right off as that was around the time of the talk JT was getting the sack. Think our chances of preventing a flogging are much better this time around.

  • Raiders can beat any team and beat them by some margin, but that team very seldom turns up. I would like to think we are in with a real chance, but we tend to shoot ourselves in the foot most weeks

  • Hodgkin to me is better than Smith the last 3 years say but thankfully there is no way he is match fit for 80. Canberra is a good side without luck and the way things are shaping up along with us are the two main chances outside the 8 who can get in.
    After imo the disappointing losses the last two weeks our season really rests with trying to beat Canberra and the GC at home which along with the bye gives us 20pts and gets us well above these competitors.
    They are desperate and due for some luck so we will have to be real good.
    Above all else our kicking game must be exceptional and the passes must stick because we may need 22 points plus here.

  • Texers at the ready!

  • Hopefully the Faiders know their role this weekend.

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