Horror show..

lost all structure, got injuries, Canberra have scored 200+ points against us in the last 5 (?) games, wingers smiling coming off the field, no leadership/direction in attack…Robbie come and save us :crazy

Who is going to turn this “ship” around?

lets face it a bunch of very ordinary players can only give so much for so long, this has been coming for the last 5-6 weeks. i said it at the start of the season we are short 3 very good forwards. now lets see if we get robbie back, and maybe even woods because we really need better than what we got.

How do you train out stupid actions and I’ll discipline?


How do you train out stupid actions and I’ll discipline?

Extended stint in reserve grade….

2 wins from our last 9 matches not looking good

i dont know why we as fans were subjected to that torture

that was horrible

Couldnt wait for the game to be over, thats how bad it was

I wouldn’t let those blokes off Campbelltown SS until midnight tonight if I was Ivan

At least we’re back in familiar territory. That top four stuff was freaking me out.

Years over. Good work Ivan.

That was just horrible,it’s hard to believe these blokes actually train to be that bad.

wayne pearce made the tigers walk back to the hotel from the ground when we got pumped by the Rams. Same should apply here.

do we vs Raiders again this year

Geez I am glad I have tomorrow off…. have to work with a mad Raiders fan.

Yup unfortunately…
Sunday 12th August, 14:00pm @ GIO Stadium
We’re gonna get raped again…

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