Cleary: "That's not what we're about"

Cleary: “That’s not what we’re about”
Author Dan Talintyre Timestamp Sun 17 Jun 2018, 07:09 PM

Wests Tigers Head Coach Ivan Cleary said his side’s performance was out of character as a poor defensive half showing allowed the Canberra Raiders to post a big win in their Round 15 clash today at Campbelltown Sports Stadium.

Coming in to the match with one of the best defensive records in the competition, Cleary’s men conceded seven second half tries and missed upwards of 60 tackles as the Raiders cruised to a dominant 48-12 victory — something which he said has to remain a one-off and not a season-defining moment.

“It’s certainly not what we’ve been about this year,” Cleary reflected.

"We’ve got to make sure it’s an aberration and we get back on the horse in a couple of weeks.

"It’s disappointing when you don’t perform well enough in any game, especially when you finish it like that and I didn’t think our control in defence was there all game.

"It was certainly not what we wanted it to be and what it needed to be against a very powerful team.

"I don’t think the end of the game was anything technical or physical — it was mental.

“Once we lost contact with the game we lost focus as a group and individuals and they smelled blood. For whatever reason, we checked out with 25 minutes to go and it’s pretty disappointing.”

Co-captain Russell Packer echoed Cleary’s comments on the performance and result.

“With a performance like that, we invite all the criticism in and we have to take that on the chin,” he said.

"When you play like that, you have to take accountability. But we’ve got a group of men here that, apart from this game, work really hard for each other and our defensive efforts have been good.

"We’ve just got to get back on the horse and the season doesn’t stop because you have one bad game.

"We’ve got to individually look at ourselves and really try to make something from the rest of the season.

We have to take accountability and be better; our next game is at Leichhardt and it’s a bit of an old cliche, but all we can do is train hard and work hard for each other to be better in that game.

“We can’t let it define our season.”

Hey Cleary … why do you buy plodders?

The team is playing as you select and train them Ivan, hope your contract is watertight

It has been for the last 6 weeks.

It’s increasingly becoming more what we are about, Ivan. You can see the regression from week to week, it’s very tangible.

I’m actually pretty sure that’s exactly what we’re about.

I was not a JT fan ,but his career was ruined by bringing Cleary on board, Cleary with the advantage of a blank cheque re recruitment, has not delivered


It has been for the last 6 weeks.

Today’s game was worse that that Taylor ball game we had against the cowboys …
At least we were in that game for an eternity

I liked Mick Potter !

Not a season defining game? It better be. You better make up for that, better make sure you define the season by atoning for that. And it wasn’t one game. 2 wins from the last 9… The Gal try last week? It’s not a one off.

Really though, Cleary can’t drop and replace half the team, well not straight away, we have no replacements. But there’s quite a few players that shouldn’t still be here in a couple of years.

Cleary must know he is sitting on a turd right now.

A squad going backwards without the class players to turn things around.

He has done well to eek some wins out of them.

However I didn’t agree originally with some of his signings and now they look like they have hit a big wall.

I wasn’t expecting miracles this season so I’m not overly surprised. Im just concerned about the next couple of years.


I was not a JT fan ,but his career was ruined by bringing Cleary on board, Cleary with the advantage of a blank cheque re recruitment, has not delivered

For 12 months Cleary has been lauded over for doing something JT couldn’t do, attract players. Easy to do when you have an open chequebook and your predecessor had a bag of rocks. Let’s not forget Potter either. Another coach who got dudded with a terrible cap. Pay is going through the same situation at the Dogs.

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