Who's confident?

I’m trying to get a general sense of how confident we’re feeling about this one.

  • The Leichhardt factor
  • Playing a pretty average team
  • Pretty important game to stay within reach of the 8.

But I’m feeling like none of us are all that confident.
I just don’t see where our points come from and worried the Titans forwards are going to kill ours.

I know myself I’m never confident when we play the Titans or any team near the bottom of the ladder and I think until that feeling changes then nothing has really changed at this club.

Yes confident.

But I was confident against the raiders too.

we are Tigers supporters, we are never confident. but i am usually upbeat about most games.

I agree with you about lacking confidence with this game and the Titans do have a pretty good lineup. As far as nothing changing with the club, I respectfully disagree. I think we are in the early stages of building something special but I don’t expect to see anything too remarkable until 2020. Our foundations are being made rock solid.

never confident anything can happen with the tigers Titans could come out and thrash us like last game

I’m pretty confident. I reckon the team will play with some much needed energy and enthusiasm and I’m keen to see how much of a difference Farah makes around the ruck. I reckon half of our problems had stemmed from the poor service at dummyhalf which was hampering our forwards.

Add a poll next time.
Id vote yes.

I’m confident one of the wests tigers players will spend 10 min in sin bin.

I’m confident that Josh Reynold will play at least 65 min…. or not… 😒

I expect a Tigers victory but it will be tight


Add a poll next time.
Id vote yes.

I should have added a poll, you’re right.

I’m always confident. a glass 3/4 full person.

Reynolds, Farah and Mybe will bring alit of enthusiasm to the team. We’ll be comfortably ahead with 20 to go and just scrap home.

Yep, we’ll win.

I’m pretty confident we’ll get up !

Crowd will be worth 8 points
Plus our usual 12 to 14 points
We will need to hold GC to 18 points to win
It can be done
Our forwards will be fresher
So I say yes
Tigers x 2

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