How many scoots....

…from dummy half close to the line will Robbie have a crack at on Sunday?
Hes pretty good at it too.
He’d love to bag a pie in his first game back…we all know it.

He’ll take his opportunities when he sees them

He’ll go for the try every time we are down there until he gets one.

With Brooks now and Farah can both do good grubbers in goal they should have a formidable attack near the line without Farah’s trickery but let’s hope of course

9 for the king of Leichhardt

What Wests Tigers really need are those accurate kicks towards the goal line taken within 10 metres of the goal line. Worth a motza.

Hopefully he dosent overplay his hand trying to score it has always been his major fault as a player imo

Hope he goes for 3, & gets a hatrick.

As long as he doesn’t do it on the 5th

Three attempts for one conversion.

Hopefully Cleary has engineered everything that Farah won’t feel over-pressured to take the world on. But he must keep them in his artillery to keep the defence guessing as a distraction. If they are covering him well that means they are not covering the other players so well.

Probably just 2, but come Monday morning the forum will have it up around 16.


He’ll go for the try every time we are down there until he gets one.

.i don’t care how many attempts that he takes.,
At least he may help to get us close enough that they can see what a tryline looks like,
It’s pretty foreign to us so far this year. 😃

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