Ruck area

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Did anyone see a dominant tackle from us today? I was watching our defence around the ruck back off all game then try and wrestle. 80-90% of the time the Titans got on there front so the defenders had to get off early.

So my question if we can’t slow the ruck down that way, then why the hell arnt we moving up and tackling hard! Packer isa myth, ET is so obvious when he’s trying to slow the ruck but he doesn’t have the sttegth to flip some if these big boys, eiso is soft and sue is lazy.

We need to start tackling harder instead of this bullshit waiting on the line for them to come. I’d keep Twal and Lawrence. The rest of the forwards can go somewhere else. So frustrated in them!!

Yeah our forwards have really dropped off in D. Our line defense was terrible today, has been for 2 months.

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