Your team vs Dragons

  • 1. Mbye
    2. Nofoaluma
    3. Marsters
    4. Naiqama
    5. Thompson
    6. Reynolds/Benji if injured
    7. Brooks
    8. Twal
    9. Farah
    10. Matulino
    11. Lawrence ©
    12. Garner
    13. Taylor

    14. Eisenhuth
    15. Aloiai
    16. MCK
    17. Benji/Clark

  • Who cares ……
    It’s over !

  • Too soon Jr. Let us mourn the loss

  • Who cares

  • Same shit different day

  • Gotta get passed the bye first

  • @:

    Gotta get passed the bye first

    Probs gonna lose the bye…

  • Apparently Reynolds is injured again.

    What a costly mistake he is already proving to be.

  • Reynolds maybe injured but shows ticker , i would prefer that over soft foreards and finishers who cannot do so

  • @:

    Apparently Reynolds is injured again.

    What a costly mistake he is already proving to be.

    He hurt himself actually, the way he fell on his elbow when going for the try.
    That sort of impact would have hurt many players.

    Poor Benji always used to hurt his shoulder, we used to call him the turnstyle

    He has come a long way

    And yes, we can name the team after the bye, have to pick our strong performers from that round

  • 1. Moses Mbye
    2. Harry O’Toole
    3. Braden Robson
    4. Toni Tali
    5. Lucas Price
    6. Josh Reynolds
    7. Pita Godinet
    8. Joseph Ratu
    9. Jacob Liddle
    10 Alex Twal
    11. Chris Lawrence
    12. Luke Garner
    13. Robbie Farah

    14. Patrice Siolo
    15. Sam McIntyre
    16. Alex Seyfarth
    17. Cowen Epere

  • Does it matter?

  • Banned

    1. Mbye
    6. Reynolds
    9. Farah
    12. Rowdy

    The rest I couldn’t careless.

  • Reynolds, Naiqama, Farah, Mbye and Lawrence are the only ones who showed they deserve a FG spot after today. Marsters and Thompson based off previous efforts. The rest can fill the blanks.

    1. Mbye
    2. Nofoaluma
    3. Naiqama
    4. Marsters
    5. Thompson
    6. Reynolds
    7. Brooks
    8. Packer
    9. Farah
    10. Twal
    11. Lawrence
    12. Aloiai
    13. Taylor

    14. Garner
    15. Grant
    16. Matulino
    17. Aloiai

    After the bye, hopefully we can learn how to defend again and get a win against the drags. That, coupled up with a few in a row and I think our season should be back on track. As disappointed as I am with the previous result, Mbye and Farah showed that they can fix our attacking problem (we were running the Titans off the park), however can not eliminate our silly errors or soft line defence. Sigh

  • Just please not MWZ. I fear the remainder of this season could seem like a very long time

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