Filo Basketball drama & Byron's acid induced hallucination thread


Philippines got a selfie after the brawl

what was the final score

Unsure score hasn’t changed for since it happened on foxsports

4 #Boomers and 9 #Philippines ejected after all in brawl in #FIBAWC qualifier. Game not Abandoned, and Philippines will play remainder of the game with just 3 players. This is ridiculous and embarrassing for the sport @FIBA what is going on? Wow!!

no. 12 did a classic Tommy R act, started the blue or made it a lot worse then got out of it like Back Door Benny. and he did not and go and protect his mates who were on the ground who were being bashed. Reminds me of Mike Ennis hiding behind a forward

Yeah. They’re still playing. Philippines down to 3 players. Possibly 2 now.

that was a heck of a lot of coward punches being thrown

That was some of the most disgraceful tv I have seen in terms of professional sport ever. Chairs being thrown, fans getting involved, Phillipines players taking selfies and revving the crowd up. I wish we belted them harder

This isn’t a gee up ??

You can’t play with 3 players , the game becomes an instant forfeit

We had a semi final in our local league a few years ago that went to triple overtime and the opposition team lost when the 2nd player got fouled out of the game while leading

Looks like we (Aus) got what we asked for

Looks like that no.2 Oz guy was being whacked whilst being helped back, he was one of those mauled earlier I had thought. He may may have knocked down even though he was only trying to protect and separate.

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