2018 Origin 111 *Live thread..

Anyone watching…

Squish em Blues…

Im vomiting listening to rabs waffling on about smyth…

…might go for a dump

Too much to take on Ch9 with the love fest for Slater …. and the even bigger grub Smith.
Have to turn it back on just before the game.

happy must be ‘working’

Apparently Trevor Gillmeister fell off the stage before the Cam Smith video played

Hope slater gets smashed.

Quiet in here for a live thread

Terrible pass by Tedesco. Frizel is quick for a back rower

Holmes is loving these face balls

was that Klemmer trying to chase down Holmes

One of the few times he passes the damn thing….

Try assist - Tedesco

They really milk the bs about the blues all being close mates and great culture.
The radio is full of this crap

Slater playing for a penalty there. Obviously isn’t clear on the rules

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