2018 Origin 111 *Live thread..

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    Happy is wrong…like that doesn’t happen on at least a weeky basis 😆

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    Happy is wrong…like that doesn’t happen on at least a weeky basis 😆

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    Sims is lucky to stay on the field after that. Weird and dumb play

    Yeah, so, so stupid and you could see the immediate change on Qld faces that it was the invitation that they had been waiting for.

    It may have been the Blue tinted view I had of the game, but I actually thought when they showed the ref cam view of the incident when Sims got up to play the ball, Hunt grabbed him first around the shoulders and was pulling him down. Sims then seemed to follow through and take him to ground, but I thought the ref cam showed it was Hunt who started it all. As i said, could have been my one-eyed view of the game.

  • Take off the glasses.
    I was of the opinion last night however;
    Just saw the replay multiple times on Marty Johns show.
    Tariq puts his arm around him first.
    It looks like Hunt is trying to pull him down but he actually only grabs and pulls once, more so to pull Tariq away so he can get on with the game.

  • Just read the B S from The Panel that awarded the medal to Slater,
    What a load of Codswallop!
    Slater should return the medal.

    It wasn’t his fault that these cretins wanted to give him a going away present, but at least he’d show a bit of integrity, and be remembered for that,instead of for accepting a medal that even he knew , he didn’t deserve.

  • NSW - could have won this despite the Massive effort in 1st half.

    Even though we (NSW) weren’t that dominate

    Some stupid player / ref descissions didnt help

  • DCE…for all his faults and despite being a flog with the personality of a turnip…really took ownership of the QLD team the other night
    Good game

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    No idea how Slater got man of the series… he played 2 games and wasn’t the best player in any of them

    Apparently he played his ring off in game 1

    It’s his own fault.
    He shouldn’t be wearing jewellery on the field anyway 😃

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