• It’s probably already been said, but Vikings is pretty great.

  • He’s one of the weakest people I’ve ever witnessed in combat sports.
    Excuses, disrespect, failing to deliver.

    Agreeing to fight Cowboy with no intentions to actually do it.
    His legacy should show that he is an absolute fraud.

  • Banned

    No doubt, I agree. He is nowhere near as good as his career earnings and bank balance would suggest…but that is the point I’m making. He made hundreds of thousands of fans, both cultural and casual believe he was that good by enacting the WWE style of marketing and landing a lucky punch against Aldo. He didnt deserve to have his name uttered in the same sentence as Mayweather’s yet landed a massive purse PPV against him.
    This doco shows that he was smart enough to exploit stupid people well before he was a household name. He wins.

  • @Kev:

    was smart enough to exploit stupid people

    Yep, it’s ridiculous.
    Loved seeing Khabib flatten him then make him tap.

    Like you said, a personality fighter that saw others do it with some success - play the heel - Tito Ortiz, Chael Sonnen to name a few. Moderate fight abilities with some easy match ups as well as some luck (Aldo fight, Alvarez fight - what was he thinking? no game plan whatsoever.)

    His fans are just as bad as him. Ego through the roof.

    I won’t watch the doco because I cannot stand him. Just a goof who is an embarrassment to the sport. The fans who believed his hype are bad also. I was at the pub for the Mayweather fight and I overheard people saying they put up to around $3000 on Connor to get the first round knock out LOL

  • Both Black Mirror (S05) and Dark (S02) are back on Netflix.
    When They See Us is also worth checking out. It is a little uncomfortable and confronting to watch at times yet IMO has a very powerful message.

  • Good new Bob Dylan doco …

  • The frankenstein chronicles is a well made English series. I’ve watched the first two series. Looking forward to the third (don’t think it’s out yet).

  • Finally got Stan a couple of months back and binge watched Better Call Saul.

    Waiting not-so-patiently for season 5.

  • @Cultured_Bogan now that’s a cracker

  • @TieDye said in NETFLIX FINDS:

    @Cultured_Bogan now that’s a cracker

    Hell yeah.

    Breaking Bad was my favourite series I’ve ever watched. BCS is just as good IMO.

  • @Cultured_Bogan so good, Man I absolutely loved it, would be even cooler if there was better sporting doco’s on Netflix nowadays
    Stan might be the go

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