Guess what time in the match Sue will be sent for a HIA.

Mine is the 36th minute.


12 minute

he’s coming off the bench. 32nd minute.

Hoping not at all. If one does happen, I wouldn’t be surprised if, medical staff from wests tigers or the NRL intervene, he is not allowed to play again this season, and goes to Melbourne to see the specialist that Liam Fulton saw.



12 minute

he’s coming off the bench. 32nd minute.

In the warm up then.


hope he gets thru fine…

Give it to em Sauaso…

True supporters?


He’ll be a asset if he can make it though the whole game.

I saw the thread & thought he had been sent for one from the bench

Like everyone I hope he has a blinder and makes it through fine.

More like MOTM. What a performance from the big man.

Wheres the thread about ETs HIAs because hes all over them too

55th Minute? HIA or just headknock?

Anyway, was probably our best prop.

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