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Don’t forget Farah has been in the souffs system for 18 months.

Maybe he can give us some pointers on how they play lol

For the first 12 rounds of 2018 he has been in reserve grade.
He came back Rd 13 to fill in for Cook and then came here.
Unless he trains with the first grade team then I doubt it.

He was in their full time training squad ie top 30 so I’m sure he’d have some idea on how they work

As big as the Stains pack , if not even bigger

Cook is the problem for us , how the hell do we shut him down after the Burgis steam up the guts and cause the issues they will cause by themselves ……

We sacrifice one of our many plodders to take him out in the first 5 mins of play. Sure, we play with 12 for the remainder of the match but I still think we would be ahead?

If the Burgess players play dropsy like they did, was it against Cronulla during SOO and it was mainly Farah who saved them, then they won’t have him this time. Cook must have a bad game sometime as well he is not as dominating as our DH.

We have two things in our favor this weeks Souffs 9 in a row means they are getting close to a loss (the loss they need to have ) and the other is we have performed pretty well against Souffs the past few games and our new spine appears to be jelling.

I can’t see our pack get it over theirs.
Lawrence missing is crucial.

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