Kicking Game

How good was it? It makes a massive difference to a team like ours. We need to build pressure and work towards tries through having the opposing teams make mistakes like in Brooks’ try.

Short kicking game was awesome. How many repeat sets did we get?

I reckon the time Benji had off also allowed him to get over some niggles - those torpedo and floating bombs he used in early rounds were missed as well. Very effective today.


His improvement in this area has been incredible we just need to turn these opportunities into points.


This stat is unbelievable. It probably won us the game that period we got 3 repeat sets in a row forcing them to go short kick off. Opposition will be unsure if Farah is going to kick or whether it’s going to Marshall or brooks.

What repeat set stats contribute to winning games…no way…

With Farah, Brooks, Marshall and Mbye we can kick from anywhere. I’d like to see Mbye do some long kicking he has a huge boot.

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