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I share your frustration but not sure about all backs are completely slow? Cini is quick for his size, Madden is quite nippy. Scolari is a former athlete and can run super quick & the others aren’t dawdlers - I have also watched them a bit at training. Their times aren’t slow at all.

Send offs didn’t help but we dropped the ball and got caught too close to the sideline.

There’s no doubt they all played badly - too many errors & I’m sure Chops will make some changes. It was one of those days and at least they fought back albeit too little too late. I’m tipping a completely different result next time we play them - we couldn’t be that bad again. We’ve all had a bad day in footy in our lives - let’s encourage these kids not butcher them particularly so early in the season.

Of course if they don’t perform, hard decisions will need to be made but that’s life also.

Sorry I meant to say all the forwards bar ngati are slow. We would have the quickest set of backs in the comp, but unfortunately madden wants to keep dropping seyfarth and co in the forwards unders and they are slow, and its a complete waste of time. On there first 3 carries in every set coming out of our own 40, our forwards should not touch the ball at all, they are too slow, it should be the back 5 only, and madden should stepping in and kicking early on tackle 3 and 4 especially after Dillon and talau carries the ball because off these two blokes quick plays the ball’s, madden then is kicking on the front foot and leading the chase, also if you closely watch madden he wants to run play after play, we have gun backs just give them early ball when they want it, don’t overplay your hand. I was sitting behind the posts and after tries were scored against us, seyfarth is barking instructions and I’m thinking kid, your lucky to be in the 20’s side and your going terrible, be quiet because if I can see your very ordinary footballer then surely your team mates must be thinking, far out he is lucky to be in the side let alone barking instructions, lambkin should make talau captain, stefanovic shouldn’t be in the side either, madden overcalls him all the time, he gets no ball and he is a massive liability in the front line.

I would agree in dropping Stevanovic and putting Talau in at 5/8 for now. Talau needs to touch the ball more, however i don’t see him playing first grade as a 5/8 so perhaps they’re trying to prepare him for the future by allowing him to acclimatise to a different position earlier on.

Young Rizk in Balmain’s SG Ball side looks a top centre. Very fast and elusive. After he’s finished his duties in SG Ball i’d look to put him at centre alongside Bradley (if we stick with that plan) and have Cini over next to Scolari so that there’s a mix of size and pace on both flanks.

I think Talau and Madden will be a good combo in terms of balancing the attack, both trusting the other and both having the skill to trouble the opposition. Talau won’t overplay his hand either.

Balmain’s SG ball side does have a couple of decent back rowers too, Sykes, Smyth. They should get a look in as the WT Flegg back row is a definite weak link. I agree Seyfarth works hard but has little impact. If anything it’s his work ethic which makes him look worse, as he keeps putting his hands up to hit the ball up despite having little impact. He’s like a bigger version of Lovett to me.

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