3. Chee Kam ….

He’s been pumped by the Nancy Brigade all week and he delivered tonight !

2. Marsters

Solid as a rock all night

1. Tommy Gun

Like a fearless Jack Russell punching above his weight …
He can marry my daughter


😆 I’ll put it down to the Bourbon…



Im shocked noone is giving Sue points. He carried our go forward.

3. Sue
2. Marsters
1. Brooks

You beat me to it, agree entirely

Don’t get me wrong Sue played real well , and you could have quite easily thrown in MCK ,Farah ,Marshall ,Hooth even Naiqama was good defensively bar blowing another certain try

Hard to choose as everyone had a standout moment. Just great to see the boys continue to work for each other as they did in the first 6 rounds. And how good is it seeing IC directing the troops from the sideline!

For the record:

3. Brooks
2. Robbie
1. Sue

3 - Brooks
2 - Marsters
1 - Sue

3. robbie for 250 games of never stopped trying
2. same again for getting knocked out cold - deserves something for it
1. for outplaying SOO hooker and often catching him though he is 10 years older


but everyone deserved a point, there were no duds tonight



but everyone deserved a point, there were no duds tonight

Not for us.
Critchon was a dud of the highest calibre tho.

Sammy B also should be on notice for that garbage he pulled all night…
He should be targeted every game from here on out and reminded this is footy not death match.

Marsters single handedly destroyed souffs and more. Awesome to see

I’d give him the man of the match based on his 1st half alone

3. Marsters
2. Brooks
1. Sue/rest of the team

Not a single bad performer out there tonight. But Brooks/Marsters clear best performers

3 Brooks
2 Matulino
1 Sue

Mats stopped their go forward and along with Sue made ours. Despite the efforts of the Burgi, particularly Sam, the game was won in the middle and Brooks provided the polish as well as some great defence.


Also I’ve been critics of packerlino for a while but I really think they earned their dough. The whole forward pack did

3 brooks
2 masters
1 cheekam

With Garner well On his way to featuring here before getting hurt

3. Marsters
2. Thompson
1. Brooks

HM Sue, and everyone else, every player dug in and fought.
So proud of each and every one of them.

Everyone was awesome tonight, hard to pick out anyone that didn’t do their job well. Brooks in particular was great.

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