Sue's form last two weeks.

I felt he has been our best forward the last two weeks. Obviously he is playing for a contract but he definitely has another level that not all our forwards can go to.

Good work rate, good metres and good job going over the advantage line.

Excellent last week, good to very good this week.

Last 300 weeks……crap!

I have to say he will need more than two good games from me before I believe he deserves to be here.

Looks bigger and fitter than he has been, 1 year extension would be ideal. Playing for a contract gets the best out of him

Credit where it’s due…
Two great games in a row.

Could be worth another deal if he can maintain but some wise guys said he’s guaranteed not to be here next year.

Hope he continues this form for the last few rounds.

I would be happy with a 12 month contract. He probably won’t though.

Sue is a good footy player. He has had some very good games for us over the years. Admittedly he has had some poor games too.

But its no surprise seeing him hit his straps now that he has been given some decent minutes in the rotation.

Been great…be an asset at Parra…

I’ll miss him…


Been great…be an asset at Parra…

I’ll miss him…


He seems like the type of player Parra recruit…

Williams, Vave, Evans, etc…
I think, despite his great game, poor signing for Parra.

Hed go better at Melb or the knights even.

Arguably our best player the last 2 weeks. Unstoppable. Based off Pom’s info a couple weeks ago, my guess is he was either told he was unwanted or was made a weak offer, and it’s pumped him up. Definitely deserves a new contract. Not like there are many better options out there.

He has been a man possessed

Hulk like

Think he already has a thread but yeah…I’ll miss him…

Yep, agreed.

Off to Parra?
I think if he can keep this energy he should get a deal with us.

Hes better than all the ISC duds and probably better than Esienhuth…


Think he already has a thread but yeah…I’ll miss him…

He deserves two threads.

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