Right Side Defence..

Just thought these guys deserve a special mention…

Against the most potent attacking side in the NRL Souff’s left edge…. they kept them to duck egg…

The whole team defended for each other but our much maligned right edge starting with Marshall, Chee-Kam, Marsters and Nofoaluma disrupted when 1st Chee-Kam was replaced by Garner then Garner by Aloiai then Nofoaluma by Naiqama late in the game…repelled Souff’s attack and worked as a unit without missing a beat…well done

2mins from HT putting the 300man into touch was the cream…

Idk what the problem was, whether it was Kev and Noffa as a pair, or they have simply figured it out, but they are both leaps and bounds better than they were 12-18 months ago. Kev is in career best form, would have definitely been worth persisting with had he not already signed overseas.

They slid well
They did well

The sliding defence and trust on that side was great. It’s like they have learnt to trust each other and the results are coming.

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