Anthony Griffin sacked

News just in Griffin sacked

The Penrith Panthers are expected to part ways with coach Anthony Griffin just four weeks out from the finals.

The Panthers notified Griffin on Monday afternoon that his services would not be required beyond the end of this season despite being contracted until the end of 2020. understands there is a possibility Griffin could walk as early as this week, leaving assistant coach Cameron Ciraldo as the caretaker for the rest of the season.

It’s understood Penrith have made the decision to part ways with Griffin because of a belief he is unable to take the club to a premiership.

The Panthers have won their past two matches, coming from behind to topple Manly and Canberra over the past fortnight.

However, it has done little to disguise the issues that have been brewing over the past couple of months at the club, with the board stepping in on Monday to bring it to a head.

Brent Read

Anthony Griffin gone with immediate effect. Cameron Ciraldo caretaker coach for remainder of the year. Mutual agreement according to club

Time to get some popcorn.

How many coaches get sacked with their side coming 5th and with a good chance of finishing in the top 4!!

I posted a couple weeks back hearing rumours suggesting both he and Barrett may not see out the season.

Seems extreme, kiss their season goodbye

Griffin must of been trying to coach the team and Gus was forced to make a move

Theres something seriously wrong if you can coach a team to 5th and still get the boot

Would be a tough gig coaching at Panthers with Gus looking over your shoulder like a headmaster 24/7. Seems like a very cliquey and political club, Christ knows how they would be if they were a merged entity such as ours……

Hope Ciraldo manages to get them firing in the semi’s, them and the Warriors would be the only 2 clubs left that I could stomach winning the comp.

Maybe Gould will try and poach Ivan so father and son will be together !


Maybe Gould will try and poach Ivan so father and son will be together !

My thought too Gus wants Ivan back…


Maybe Gould will try and poach Ivan so father and son will be together !

I don’t think Ivan would revisit the Panthers again.
Would you go back to a place that sacked you?

It doesn’t make much sense - you would only sack the coach of team in Penrith’s situation to avoid a player revolt - or to lure a coach that some players might like to play under.😉


Maybe Gould will try and poach Ivan so father and son will be together !

Perhaps this move is a reaction to the belief this is the Panthers’ window of opportunity to win a premiership while NC is still at the club? I did read that it was the belief of some in the club that Griffen was wasting this opportunity.

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