Final result wests tigers - v - Raiders

Regardless of all media distractions, about the coach possibly moving on .
This week the final result will be: 🙏

wests tigers 25
raiders 18.

so close last week :brick: :slight_smile:

Mighty Wests Tigers 32
Clapped out green machine 22

wests tigers 25
raiders 18.

With whats going on
Raiders 50
Tigers 18

Raiders 46 - Tigers 10

Distractions. Expect a flogging.

Players effort levels will speak volumes this weekend.

After the week we just had …… it would be a miracle if we win this one.
I know one person who will be under most pressure.
Can’t watch this one

Ivan will have them pumped …

Raiders 46
Us 8

I’ll be surprised if we don’t get flogged. Thanks coach

64 - 4 raiders. Ivan on the bus heading down, under it on the way back

Who cares…the coach doesn’t

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