Tigers Podcast - 8/8/18

HI all, Not sure if anyone is interested but just some of my thoughts on the whole saga in a podcast.

Tried to be balanced and taking my Tigers hat off at times to discuss various things including Phil Gould, Penrith, Ivan/Nathan Cleary and where the Tigers go from here. Obviously some of this commentary is my opinion and commentary that could change as the story/new evidence unfolds going on gut feel at times so ill hold my hands up if I end up being totally wrong!!

Also tried to speak as a fan and member of the club.

Its roughly 15 minutes long. If moderators think this should be somewhere else feel free to move it. Cheers.


Good stuff as always Eddie

Yea… Well done but nothing said we don’t already know or hasn’t been discussed in depth on here.

Eddie, one of your best efforts. Pretty much covered the whole saga

Probably will find out $10mill was put on the table for them both, and Ivan most likely will do what is best for his son, and not care how he is perceived.

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