Live game thread

Wests up 6 - 4 after 18 minutes,

Tui playing, going ok

Anyone know how long we have Mikaele signed up for?

Smith gets his second try, 10 - 4 ktc, Tui converts 12 - 4

Siolo try, Tui converts 18 - 4 up and looking good

Try mounties, unconverted, 18- 8

6 minutes to halftime, Wests 18 -12

Really poor defence, disgraceful, from Godinet, 18 all

Wow Tui looks like he ate a cow

Lucky Milne can’t kick, 4 tries to 3

As usual the incompetent ref has played a starring role in getting Mounties back in the game. How did he not send their 3rd “try” to the video ref: half of Santini’s body was into touch, it shouldn’t of been given he was definitely grounded over the sideline. And our try was denied due to a forward pass, yes it was certainly forward but funny how they only see certain dodgy passes but allow plenty of others. Hopefully the Maggie’s fire up in the 2nd half.

This ref has all the attributes to be a fantastic NRL ref……he is utterly hopeless.

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