Balmain v Raiders ‘89 grand final

Voted the greatest ever,!…

Remember watching this game and the heartbreak of the loss…seems like only yesterday…


Voted the greatest ever,!…

Remember watching this game and the heartbreak of the loss…seems like only yesterday…

Can speak with impartiality having watched both the 2015 GF and 1989 GF and I reckon 2015 just pips it

Just my opinion though

1989 We had a GF Party at our home in Leichhardt and were set to head to the Balmain LC to celebrate when l said to my wife - “I’ve just won $100” - 60 secs later Ferguson scores. After the extra time disaster, my wife asks “Does that mean you’ve lost $100?” We didn’t go to the BLC after all.


Warren Ryan’s fault

Balmain play the clock=fatal

Very sad memory,was sitting at half way on the eastern side with 5-6 mates(all tigers).Was absolutely shattered after the loss.Even now i clearly remember Harrigan inventing a rule to give the raiders a shot at goal to keep the game close.

Bad day.

Had a BBQ, we dragged the big old TV out to watch the game in the back yard. Us and the house dressed up in our colours.

Great day, horrible result. Got smashed, fell asleep in the deck chair, took a couple of days off work to get over it.

Harrigan cost us the game when he pinged Bruce McGuire, the call should have gone the other way. Mick Neill’s Stumble, Juniors dropped ball and Benny’s field goal were other factors. It was a funny game in the sense, the Raiders played better in the 1st half yet we were well in front on the score board and we outplayed them in the second half but they out scored us.
it’s a cruel game

I only mentioned this in another thread the other day. Having only just watched this game, I think the biggest thing that cost them was a set with 5 minutes left in the last period of ET. Jack got an offload to Pearce off a kick return who then put Brasher up over halfway on the first tackle. They then preceded to go round in circles for the next 4 tackles before losing it. Nobody to blame but themselves.

I was at the game and must have been pretty naïve but I couldn’t work out how quickly the Raiders had all those Championship T-Shirts made! It seemed they had them printed within minutes!!

On the one hand, that’s nice, on the other……I wish I could swear

Can’t watch a replay of that, not even snippets, so many little things, small moments that could have gone Balmain’s way, it’s like we weren’t destined to win it.

Mal’s finger tip tripping Mick Neil that would have sealed it, Benny’s field goal scratching the paint, Junior spilling the ball on his bad side that would have led to a try. I’m sure someone smashed a mirror over a black cat as they were walking under a ladder into half time.

I was there and have to say that it wasn’t that good……

I was in England at the time so wasn’t heavily emotionally invested in the result. Couldn’t believe the result though.
So many ‘what ifs’.
Sometimes fate just ‘does it’s thing’.
Sad day for the Tigers faithful.
A lot of Balmain boys cried that day I reckon.

I watched it in a room full of Raiders and Bulldog supporters just down the road from the Queanbeyan Leagues club. Enough said.

I was 16yo and sitting in sw corner i think

Balmain did score at the southern end didn’t they?

Anyway i was shattered by the result

Probably never watch a replay although i have seen a replay of meninga ankle tap neil

So close but so far away

Actually i just remembered that’s where i sat for 88 grand final

Pretty sure we were on the 20m line for 89 grand final but still same side of ground

My cousin noticed John Stevens is it from Noiseworks sitting near and fot her photo with him

He was a Balmain supporter too

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