Cowboys interested in Mcqueen

Heard the Cowboys are interested in siging McQueen, apparently hes not happy with the amount of 1st grade time he is getting. Source - nrlscore Instagram.


Sounds good to me…

Taumalolo for McQueen sounds a reasonable and fair trade

Swap for Lowe + cash your way?

I’ll help him pack

Has struggled to crack the NRL side at the Tigers so no problem with him moving on!!

THE POM suggested this was happening the other day in the Signings, Rumours thread - sounds like a good option for McQueen as well as us. Will be interesting to see how the negotiations will end up and whether it costs us much.
With Farah and Benj looking like they may stay one more year, McQueen moving on frees up a spot in the 30 that we need to fill with a player more likely to contribute to our 2019 NRL season objectives.

such a disappointing signing….Thought he would turn out to be a powerhouse second rower …he offered nothing when given the chance in FG…just hope we are not footing his salary over the next 2 years…

I feel sorry for the bloke. He hasn’t played badly in limited opportunities.

If it’s true, I don’t really blame him. He hasn’t been given much of a chance.

Best for both parties.

All the best to him. Hope he gets a deal.

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