Hunt’s wife launches savage attack on his critics

I wonder if any of the boys will mention this to him on Saturday?
Poor petal…there there 😦


THE wife of Dragons halfback Ben Hunt has launched a stunning attack on his critics, linking the “bullying” of athletes in the media to suicide.

BEN Hunt’s wife Bridget has leapt to the NRL star’s defence and blasted his critics in the media for the “despicable bullying” she suggested could one day cost an athlete their life.

Hunt is in his first year with the Dragons after he was poached from the Broncos on a $6m, five-year deal (with an option for a sixth year) but after a promising start the wheels have fallen off…

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mate on a million a year. needs to be able to take it. i earn a million a year and take shit of tyre kickers

Not surprising. The world is overrun with weak people these days who can’t handle the slightest bit of criticism. They just want to be validated and told how great they are. Idiots.

If you saw his stats last week he deserved every single criticism he received. She is a moron or has very bad timing.

I understand his wife standing up for him, but it’s doing him zero favours. Can’t imagine any footballer really wants his partner to take to social media to defend him - don’t feed the trolls!

Best thing a footballer can do is avoid all press. That’s how Wayne Bennett is so long-lived.

A bit ridiculous really. Surely she realises this will only make things worse for him.


A bit ridiculous really. Surely she realises this will only make things worse for him.

Maybe multi-millionaire athletes will launch an #imstillaperson campaign and get some twitter love? We can politely clap their errors and tap them on the bum, just like their teammates.

For 1.2 million a year, I could cop what ever the press throw at me

By the same token, I don’t really agree with jerks in the media putting the boot into the guy every chance they get. Most of these numpties have probably never laced on a boot, let alone played at the top level.
I’m sure Hunt knows he’s down on form. It happens.
He’ll bounce back.

Diddums. Get a real job.

She should be on the real (dumb) housewives of Wollongong

It’s not a good look but it’s up to the Tigers to continue the misery tomorrow evening.

Can’t play footy and be in that limelight and not handle the criticism. If I was getting paid 6m and I was giving my all every week, playing to the coaches plan, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to what the media thought.

It’s a team sport, he hasn’t been the only cause of the dragons recent form slump.

Stay away from social media if your not playing well would solve his and his wives’ issues

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