Same old Tigers

Seems like nothing’s changed. Season on the line and we revert back to the Tigers of old, not trying to build pressure but trying to score off every play. And when we weren’t trying to score, we couldn’t even hold the damn ball.

Very sour end to what was a promising year.

I said it in the first half of the live game thread.

We’re chokers!!!

We had no intensity at all… you would expect this performance last week

Very disappointing

We will probably be saying the same thing this time next year too.

I’m just so disappointed that a bloke with as much raw talent and as much experience as Marshall has, that he still plays like he’s a rookie. And that just sets the tone for the whole team.
Adios Benji. Thanks for the great memories from your early years, but it’s time to put us all out of our misery. Enjoy your retirement!

Too many reserve graders, has beens and pretenders

Very very disappointing game last night, once again they had the perfect setting to come out and play well, but just like the last game at Leichhardt they were flat as a pancake…very poor end to our season

Building that culture yeah.

Nah same old rubbish.

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