Wests Tigers 2018 season in a nutshell

Unforced errors, give away field position. When we did not do this we most likely won.

MCK dropped ball, penalty, missed tackle

In a nutshell you say?

Over rated veterans getting in the way and failing to control a game

Overachieved according to most but than when you look at the extremely bad games we played and our record against the top teams as opposed to our record against the bottom teams we should have done much betrer

Started too well off the blocks which led everyone into a sense of false security.

As disappointing as that was last night must say I’m already nervous about what’s going to happen with the team next year. I agree with those who mentioned the state of our team is nowhere near strong, we seriously lack class and big game experience in key positions. We are losing players and still have no idea who’s coming to replace them. Plus there are still question marks over Ivan coaching us.

As atrocious as our season’s start was, the boys really pulled it together. The loss of Moses Suli before an actual game, Nofoaluma’s non selection, then Josh Reynolds, Tui’s and Packer’s injuries within that first month of our season really changed the team dynamic and looking back it’s a wonder we were as successful as we were. Our team has been chopped and changed constantly. And after a fairly successful month of footy, we change it once again for our most crucial game of the year.

I’m not going to criticise everything or resort to name calling. But that bench selection was weak. The omission of our most solid tackler in Twal was a mistake. Liddle’s interchange use was ridiculous, how is he supposed to develop with such limited game time. I thought either Garner or Eisenhuth should’ve been dropped or even Elijah Taylor who hasn’t looked right since the bunnies game. I like Garner but he is inexperienced then while Eiso has been good defensively think he deserved a rest.

We’re losing Naiqama, MWZ, Grant, Sue, Lolohea and possibly Farah and Benji. We’ve already lost Felise. So who on earth are we targeting?

I agree with Eddie in regards to appreciation for Farah and Benji, but for the fact that they came back here and faced up to the problems that have been present since the Sheens sacking. Tedesco, Woods and Moses might’ve bolted it but players like Lawrence, Nofo, Brooks and Sue endured it all. The love they have for the club is stronger than ever and there’s no doubt they’ll put the club first this time round, whether it means retiring or not.

So while I know we already need a centre and second rower, I think we should also get a prop forward - who is not named Merrrin. I’m going to hate myself for writing this but I’m kinda bummed we didn’t take Woods, who supposedly approached the club for a return. But I also hope we get young up and comers, that bunch at the Titans are solid.

Oh well I still love my team and there’s no love lost.

PS I hope we’re going hard for Taupau……or Oates…or even one of the hundreds of the Roosters second rowers

Nice summation Lauren i agree with much of it.We will finish basicaly where i expected 7th-10th and with a decent offseason strengthening of the roster will improve in 2019


In a nutshell you say?

LMAO that is hilarious.

I like Drinkwater was in the race.

Best part of the season for me has been beating Melb Storm twice.


Over rated veterans getting in the way and failing to control a game

Neither Farah nor Marshall were our first choice in their positions. They’ve both exceeded expectations as backups.

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