Ground conditions

Can someone that was at the game confirm what the ground conditions were like. On the TV it looked like it must have been quite dewy with how many players were slipping over when changing directions.

If it was as dewy as it seemed why the hell did we try so many hard and flat balls to runners near the defensive line??

I lost count of how many chances we blew in the first half trying this and I honestly believe we lost the mental battle from there. We just didn’t adjust and kept trying the same thing over and over.

Ground looked fine but without being on it impossible to tell if it was an issue. The wind was up and down and pretty swirly at times.

It was freezing.

We had enough chances to put the dragons away in the first 20. Poor completions & even worse goal-line defence. Disappointing

Yeah dewy, a dash of rain in the arvo and a cold breeze. I watched some of the Sharks v Cowboys later that night and similarly the two teams struggled with their footing and some handling.

I was there - can’t say the field conditions can be used as an excuse.

Same for both teams - didn’t see too many Dragons slipping over. I think Brooks must have slipped over (trying to change direction) at least half a dozen times.

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