Alex Twal

Is he just being rested due to the amount of footy he has played already at a young age? Is he injured? Something else?

People say players have to fulfill a certain role. Surely a bench prop who makes tackles and metres is performing his role?

Doubt we will find the real reason, most likely be covered up with some smoke and mirrors.

I can’t understand the underuse of Twal. It’s near criminal to name Packer captain based off of his efforts and drop Twal on his. Packer is the second coming of Blair. If he ran the ball as hard as he does on his decoy runs he’d be unstoppable.

Ivan sign some forwards or next year is going to be a long year.

Twal is our best front rower.

Twal has been great and deserves to be in the top squad each week. How’s he going to continue to develop without playing. Can’t see the coaching staffs thinking with this one.

The selections for this game left me scratching my head.
The inclusion of Fonua, and the selection and use of the bench I’m a bit confused as to what was going on in Clearys head for this game.
Garner and Liddle were a waste of time.

Not sure what’s going on with twal. One of our best forwards if not best when given minutes.
I’d have him in the 17 each week.

Maybe the coaching staff are still trying to work out the best squad. It’s only early in the season.

lol calm down…there’s more than likely a legit reason for him not playing. His absence wasn’t the reason we lost today.

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