I think the NRL should seriously consider the following;

Allowing a club to drop one result which is currently included in F/A calculation in a season.

The effect of this would

  1. Give a one off break for a club with a severe injury toll

  2. Compensate clubs with a high State of Origin representation

3)Act as default compensation for a game lost or severely impacted by a proven Refereeing mistake(by Refs) boss and take the heat off refs.

4)Add another level of interest to the comp.

I can see advantages to teams at both ends of the ladder.

What say you(se)

Nope. A season is 24 games they all count. Each team gets a squad of 30 to work with and need to use that to get results in each game.

Besides if every team drops one from their record it only helps the team who got flogged by the most and clubs don’t deserve help in that situation. I.e we don’t deserve anything after our performance against Canberra at Campbelltown.

No i think it should be left as is

But just looking at our for and against i wonder how often it happens where a team that is in the top 3 defense wise but has the worst attack in the comp and has a negative for and against

It should stay as it is.Our for and against this year has been the best it has been for years as has our win rate(50% at this stage).This is just one of those years where a 50% win rate dosent get you into the semis

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