Looking forward 2019

So here we are again with the all too familiar “there’s always next year” line that nobody wants to say.

I thought I’d try to take a peek at what next years side might look like, to be honest it’s not filling me with confidence at the moment.
I had way more hope and confidence this pre season with all the new recruits but now after seeing them go around and knowing our capabilities, the optimism levels aren’t high for 2019.
Anyway, here’s my line up.

2019 Team

1. Mbye
2. Nofo
3. Masters
4. Fonua ??? (Surely not)
5. Thompson
6. Reynolds
7. Brooks
8. Packer
9. Liddle
10. Matulino
11. Lawrence
12. Eiso/Garlic sauce/Garner/Chee
13. Taylor
14. Twal/Eiso/Garlic/Garner/Chee
15. ". "
16. ". "
17. ". "

Why does this side make the 8 next year?

Convince me it’s any better than the 2018 team, even if we sign a few new players is it really going to change much?

They don’t make the 8. Will be flat out finding another club with slimmer depth.

I can’t see us making the 8 without some quality signings.

Chee will be lucky to play reserves when tackling like that

I can easily see this squad going backwards in 2019.

Hope to be wrong.

Losing kev and sue.
No gains.
Maybe having Reynolds and liddle starting and fit will be the difference?

We are not far away. Can we attract 4 starters. Centre: Feki, Kelly Prop: Taupau/ Terepo Backrow: Tapine/Hess.

If we can upgrade Prop, Centre, Edge Backrow and have players like Fonua, Mats, MCK etc as bench or depth players we will improve big time.

This is where the Cleary saga could really hurt us. We just aren’t talented enough atm.

Need to recruit hard…
Team isn’t well rounded.

Do we have cap space to sign? If so how much

I believe we aren’t far from being a top eight side, looks like we will only miss out by a game or two. If we had sorted out our hooker a little earlier, instead of persisting with Taylor, we likely would have made the eight this year. Add what Mbye has brought and I think we are a fringe eight side, and given were we are likely to end up thats hard to argue.

If we recruit one or two fast backs and an aggressive forward, and hopefully Reynolds is injury free, I see us making the eight.



There isn’t really much out there

Every player in the NRL is a potential recruit, contracts mean bugger all these days as we may see in the off-season. Clubs are always shuffling their rosters around. Our main trouble is getting quality players to join up


Do we have cap space to sign? If so how much

I am sure that we have plenty of Cap space and plenty of Cap money to spend. It is time for Wests Tigers to ravage the clubs struggling with the Cap. Sort of like revenge for Many ravishing clubs like Wests in the 80’s and 90’s.

Have to see who we end up recruiting to make proper judgement. As it stands though we won’t make the 8 and most likely finish lower than this season.


I can easily see this squad going backwards in 2019.

Hope to be wrong.

This could well be the case unfortunately, I am disappointed that there has not been any signings to date. After watching the performances of late it appears next year the team could well revert to the bottom of the table as without the injection of at least 4 top liners it will again be hit and miss next season and nothing to get excited about …

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