Suli regrets how he left Wests Tigers

Moses Suli regrets how his controversial stint ended at the Wests Tigers and holds no fears of facing his old team for the first time when Manly travel to Campbelltown Stadium on Thursday night.

He was a carefree 18-year-old when he made his NRL debut with the Tigers in round one of the 2017 Telstra Premiership season, barely two months after signing a lucrative three-year deal.

He played 16 games that year and then he was sacked. Suli was a reluctant trainer and often slept in a teammate’s car when sessions were on.

Leading up to facing his old club for the first time – he was overlooked for the round-six match at Lottoland – Suli holds no grudge against the Tigers.

“Nah. They’ve done nothing wrong – it’s all on me,” Suli said. "I still speak to some of the boys here and there.

"I loved it there but there was a few stupid decisions that I made.

“When I think about it, yes, pretty much,” he said on whether he regretted how things ended up at Concord Oval. "I lost a big deal but I’m just into looking forward and keep working hard and hopefully get back up there.

“It is my first game against the Tigers – pretty pumped; I can’t wait to face them. May the best team win.”

Suli is still sleeping in cars. After a brief stay at the Bulldogs in the pre-season, where he was also sacked for non-compliance with training routines, the young centre now carpools to Manly from Fairfield 48km away with Sea Eagles teammates Jorge Taufua, Addin Fonua-Blake, and Manase Fainu.

Asked who chose the music to get them in the training mood, Suli said: "Whoever is in the front seat. I’m usually in the back sleeping. I catch up on my sleep as it’s a long way here.

“I’m usually sleeping, depends on what time we start. We usually leave an hour and 45 minutes before training starts.”

“I’m willing to work on that. There’s a lot of improvement for me [to make], especially in defence. I just keep coming to training and keep learning and hopefully improve,” he said.

"Loving it here – every second of it. I’m just trying to improve my game every week. As I come here every day, I just want to get better.

“They [Manly] gave me this shot and I did not want to take it for granted because of what’s happened in the past. I just love coming to training now with this great bunch of blokes and coaching staff.”


At least he is admitting it was his fault

Still a clown imo.

Why would anyone playing for Manly continue to live in Fairfield? Nuts!

Knowing myself as an 18 year old I know it is easy to make poor choices. He has clearly reflected on it and is heading in the right direction. I hope that he has a long and successful career. A shame it wasn’t to be at the tigers as he clearly has talent.

He’ll steamroll Naiqama on the way to a 3 try clinic on Thursday night….

I’m glad we got rid of him, but no so glad as to who we’ve had to replace him - centre stocks have been skinny over the last couple of years - with the exception of Marsters of course.


Why would anyone playing for Manly continue to live in Fairfield? Nuts!

He may only be on a modest contract, got sacked from two clubs in the space of what, four or five weeks? Not sure why Tafua does though, surely he’d be OK for coin? Might like saving his pennies.

Fair play to him though, at least he understands that there was changes he needed to make. Not many people at his age are capable of admitting fault.

Good to see he’s owning up to his mistakes

Has been pretty ordinary for manly, absolute turnstyle and doesnt offer much in attack apart form taking hit ups coming out of their end. Was much better for us last year.

Why does the boy need to sleep so much? Always in trouble sleeping.


Why does the boy need to sleep so much? Always in trouble sleeping.

Lazy lifestyle.

He is only 18, but too bad (tell that to judge in court). We suffered as a result of his poor choices. He should be playing reserve grade somewhere until his contract with us was finished (time wise). These guys simply get re-signed and don’t really suffer any consequences if they have enough talent. Todd Carney is a classic example.

I hate these articles. Who cares mate you arent genuine. if you were you would have woken up a long time ago.

Three clubs in half a season pffttt

When I was 18 I was eating drugs like they were going out of style and living on mates couches. I’m none to judge.

at least he’s owning it now, but still……probably would have been a better article if he can maintain being at 1 club for a couple more seasons

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